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Travelguide: Bali

Travelguide: Bali

A journey that is full of love, laughter, tears ands breaktroughs… it was the experience of a lifetime and has changed me forever.


It has been a while, but the good time in Bali is still in my mind. For me Bali was always a dream destination and I’m definetly fell in Love with the island on my first visit. Once I heard that whoever makes a trip to Bali he makes a journey to himself. Although this sounds a little bit esoteric, but I realy can confirm this.

More then the stunning nature, the people have impressed me and everyone who has ever been to Bali knows from what I speak. Never in my life does people met me with that kindness. The people celebrate celebrate an incredible peace and serenity. If you are a few days on the island, you will start to relax and ask yourself how can i live such a stressful live.



Ubud is located in the heart of the country and it’s the center for craftsmanship. Small shops and nice galleries lined together colorfully. In the outer parts of the city various manufacturing centers for batik, silver jewelery or carvings can be found. On the streets obtain live and wild traffic.


Gunnung Batur

In Bali are four volcanoes Gunnung Agung, Batur Gunnung, Bratan and Gunnung Merbuk. All are still active. The last eruption was in the year 2000.

We went to the crater of Gunnung Batur by car. If the trip to the top took a little longer, but on the small side roads we could explore many places far away from tourism. Once on the top of the crater you will expect an a amazing view. In the crater lake is a small island, where yet been aborigines of Bali (shielded from tourism) live.


Endless rice terraces

On the way to the volcano, you pass many rice terraces. What really fascinates me, is the relaxing athmosphere these fields radiate. I can’t say if it is about the uncountable green shades or the glint of the sun in the watered fields. I could not get enough of these green surfaces. The most famous rice fields are in Tegalalang, about 30 minutes from Ubud away.


Mystical temples

In addition to the famous temples Pura Luhur Uluwatu and Tanah Lot, you’ll find temples in Bali everywhere. We had a beautiful little temple even at our hotel. Most temples are only accessible by hundreds of steps, which is a major challenge with over 90% humidity in the air.

One of the best places for me was the Lotus Temple Saraswati in Ubud. The main building is lined with a carpet of white and rose lotus flowers.


Beach life

Although Bali is well known for its wonderful beaches, I never  dreamed that they are so incredibly beautiful. The surfer hotspots are Legian and Kuta. If you just want enjoy the beach life you found almost everywhere kilometer-long white beaches.


Coincidentally, just before my last Bali trip I have seen the movie Eat, Pray, Love. As you see in the film, the island never release the protagonist. As if I traveled to the island, different scenes came back to my mind and I could not myself escape from the island. The spirituality, the tranquility of the people, nature and the beautiful beaches help that you can dive into a completely different world.

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