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The Secret Of Sophisticated Beauty

The Secret of Sophisticated Beauty

I see beauty in particular or in the strange. This is much more interesting than perfection. -Lucia Pica, Global Creative Designer for Makeup and Color


The job is a passion – To make the women around the world more beautiful! The coveted makeup artists are the hallmark of Chanel and bear the creative vision into the world. Do you like makeup? One of the first questions the Makeup Artist asked me at the Rouge Allure Ink presentation. Whether I like makeup? Of Course! As trivial the question might sound, so profound it actually is. Makeup should not just be paint on the face. It should optimize my advantages even better, reduce my problem areas, let me appear fresh and radiant, reflect my mood – or everything together. To get to the point: Yes I love makeup! Even though I impatiently sit in my chair and can´t wait until the Maitre de Maquillage gets started, I am at the same time completely fascinated by the bustle. The makeup brush cleaned and sequentially sorted, selected the colors meticulously, each handle a tribute to the colors of the fall.


The Makup Artist of Chanel has his question actually answered himself. Yes, I like makeup and since the meeting even more. He has rekindled my passion for makeup and showed me how I can achieve great effects with little effort. An interesting and instructive afternoon, which I will treasure for a long time. What may sound very abstract to a lot of people is actually very simple. Just because you like makeup, doesn´t  mean you understand it. Makeup is a combination of practical value and artistic vision. Am I gonna wear an eyeliner today that reminds me of the sea of my last vacation with his bright blue color? Or am I in the mood for a No-Makeup Makeup? Has the Foundation a golden undertone which lets my complexion shine?

If you want to be styled by a professional make-up artist, sign up at the Chanel counter in your city.

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