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The Secret Happiness Of Your Karma

The secret Happiness of your Karma

Karma [] The destiny assigned to man, which is determined according to Buddhist, Jainist and Hindu doctrine by the good and evil deeds of present and past lives.


Translated into our daily lives, Karma is more like the search for strength, energy and well-being. Our daily life usually takes so much from us that we sometimes lose ourselves. Work is stressful, we all know. All day slipping into different roles and rushing from meeting to meeting. Always giving the best can rob a lot of power. It is therefore all the more important to have a little time out and recharge the batteries. Yoga, or meditation are a welcome option.

Since I find it very hard to let go, I try to make my environment as relaxed as possible. I have furnished my apartment brightly and comfortably, so that when I come home in the evening and close the door behind me, I can enter a world of peace and clarity. But sometimes small things are enough to relax. It is so important to be able to breathe through and re-start with a fresh mind. So I try to take a few minutes for myself in the evening. I light a scented candle, sometimes I listen to some relaxing music from Buddha Bar or sit down comfortably and do meditation exercises.


Something that puts me in a relaxed and energetic state is the new perfume Eau de Karma Happiness by Thomas Sabo. A warm sensual fragrance , an experience that lets me fly into remote places. When I sniff at this scent, I feel the warm sunbeams on my skin, smell the sea and the salty air. It’s like I’m taking a holiday. Thomas Sabo has created a scent with Eau de Karma Happiness that captures the Asian philosophy of life or, in other words, smells of happiness? Eau de Karma Happiness is a cocktail of fresh bergamot, sparkling grapefruit and fruity tangerine. Precious rose essences, neroli and peach emphasize the feminine side of the fragrance and appear graceful and elegant. Warm amber, musk and cedar notes ground the scent in the back. In addition to the precious fragrance composition, the flacon contains a small faceted milk quartz, which is intended to convey the harmonizing properties of the perfume to the wearer. Eau de Karma Happiness is a warm, sensual fragrance that conveys the feeling of stability and inner balance.


Eau de Karma Happiness is available in all Thomas Sabo jewelry boutiques and selected department stores.

courtesy of Thomas Sabo

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