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The Effortless Luxury Of Burberry Beauty

The effortless luxury of Burberry Beauty

When I read a few months ago that Sephora moved in at Manor I made a small leap of joy. With Sephora, some beauty brands have come to Switzerland, which did not exist before or no longer do. One of these brands is Burberry Beauty.


I believe Burberry Trench’s are a concept, but the beauty line is less well-known. Why I unfortunately do not know, because the brand belongs to my all-time Favorites. Of course I went to the corner after the Sephora launch and covered myself with Burberry Beauty products.

Straight to the point, Burberry celebrates the Effortless Style in perfection. Whether in fashion or make-up, you do not want to spend time in elaborate styling but rather devote yourself to the important things in life. Therefore everything should be practical and uncomplicated. In the case of makeup, this is shown by using all products with a certain ease. You can look for high-tech foundations in vain, because all products are easily transparent.


The products of Burberry Beauty are easy to handle, but very luxurious in packaging and quality. This can be seen in the unique closure technique, which allows the lipstick to hold the lid by means of magnets. As with the ready-to-wear collection, the Hallmark Check is ever present. The traditional check pattern adorns the sleeves and is imprinted into the products, making each piece a real luxury.

The colours of the beauty collection are inspired by the beautiful English landscape. Typically Understated! Burberry Beauty, through its makeup colours, makes the beauty of its wearer excel, but never covers it.

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