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Style Your Bag

Style your bag

I always look forward to the change in season, when the new fashions come into the shops. There is always something new to discover and brands are almost overwhelmed with new announcements. Of course, I look forward to the latest trends, but sometimes there are more fashion trends that start small, then increase and eventually end in a hype. Exactly one of these hypes is about bag charms.

It started with Karl Lagerfeld’s monster charms for Fendi. This funny furry pendants makes every bag a real eye-catcher. Meanwhile, there are not only bag charms, but the theme is rather Style your Bag. With embroidery, straps or scarves, your bag can be individually personalized and becomes one of a kind.

My tip: If the charms and stickers are too colorful, the bag is styled with a classic Hermes Twilly. This looks playful and elegant at the same time

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