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Iconic Style: Aerin Lauder

Iconic Style: Aerin Lauder

Beauty is Aerin Lauder, the granddaughter of Esteé Lauder practically put into the cradle. But Aerin Lauder never belongs to the It-Girl faction. She followed her biggest idol – her grandmother Estée Lauder, who was known for her discipline and also Aerin worked hard for her success. She is considered a quiet maker. I would describe her style as gentle, calm, timeless and noble. This shows also in their doing. Compared to the past, the campaigns that Aerin has produced for the brands of Estée Lauder have become significantly reduced and fresher. Aerin Lauder managed to get out of the shadow of her grandmother by giving the brand back its youthfulness.

Whatever you do, do it well and do it with passion


Aerin Lauder began working in the marketing department in 1995 and was promoted to Executive Director for Creative Marketing two years later. She created concepts for the seasonal colour, worlds and fragrances. One of her most successful campaigns came with Liz Hurley and photographer Steven Meisel.

While sales in the financial crisis fell drastically in 2001, the company looked for new leaders. Aerin Lauder was perfect for this challenging role. She was young, beautiful, successful, and knew the business from a small age. She accepted the challenge and became Vice President for Global Advertising. Aerin succeeded in making the Esteé Lauder brand accessible to a younger audience. She recruited Carolyn Murphy, the Ethiopian-born Liya Kebede and exchanged Steven Meisel with Mario Testino. The measures introduced soon proved effective, as the company’s sales rose by 8% in 2003.

My mother taught me that is important to be prepared for a last-minute nail polish

But Aerin Lauder is not only an excellent businesswoman. She founded the global luxury lifestyle brand Aerin and, at the same time, as a creative director, she creates sensual perfumes and beauty products as well as high-quality living accessories. Elegant comfort combined with luxurious details and a warm atmosphere. It seems as if Aerin Lauder had genuinely inherited the style gene. Aerin Lauder’s style always looks very exclusive, but never overcharged. Soft cuddly pillows on a generous sofa, on the luxurious glass table is an elegant vase and interesting photobooks, that invite you to read.


Over the last 20 years, Aerin Lauder has played a decisive role in the global brand Estée Lauder. She is a member of the Board for the Estée Lauder Companies and the Education Committee for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Board of Trustees. She is also a member of the International Committee of the Museum of Modern Art. Aerin is also actively involved in the New Gallery: a renowned museum, was founded by her father Ronald Lauder in 2001 and is devoted to German and Austrian art from the early 20th century (Gustav Klimt’s portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer is exhibited there).

Aerin Lauder lives with her husband and her two children in New York.


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