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Iconic Style: Iris Apfel

Iconic Style: Iris Apfel

To me, the best thing about flying is the entertainment program on board. You have the opportunity to watch the latest films without an interruption of advertising or to zest away when it gets boring. In addition to the extensive offer of blockbuster films, there is often also a small selection of those films which, fit into the “I-hadn`t-thought-this-exists-but-good-to-know” category. One of those films, was a documentary about Iris Apple.

Who now frowns and doesn`t know who Iris’s Apple is, just look for a crazy old lady. Exactly, already makes it klick! Iris Apfel is the crazy old lady who looks at you from high-gloss magazines. Her trademark is her thick round glasses and her crazy clothes. No question, Iris apple loves to attract attention.

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If your hair is done properly and you’re wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything.

Iris Apfel was born in 1921 as Iris Barrel in Astoria, Queens. Her mother, who was leading a clothes shop, got her in touch early on with fashion and beautiful clothes. Later, as a young woman Iris worked in an interior shop. In 1948, Iris married the businessman Carl Apfel and two years later founded a company for home textiles, Old World Weavers. They both run the business until their retirement in 1992.

Meanwhile, the two are married for over 65 years and are still as active as before. Both have decorated the apartments of well-known people and even decorated the White House for nine presidents. Iris Apfel always used an eccentric dress style (she married in a pink wedding dress), but she became only after the age of 87 a stylistic figure. The longtime friend of Apple, Harold Koda, curator of the fashion department at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, was so enthusiastic about her look that he dedicated her a whole exhibition. Iris Apfel says about herself: “I am a 93-year-old covergirl, that is crazy!”.

You may think it`s crazy, but Iris Apfel can skillfully direct the hype around her. Even though the old lady is already over 90 years old, she still has her own way – and a great sense for a good business. She has already created a beauty collection for MAC Cosmetics, designed jewelry with and stood for countless covers and campaigns in front of the camera.

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