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Places: St. Regis, Abu Dhabi

Places: St. Regis, Abu Dhabi

Whenever I go back to Dubai, I think it is second to none. The quality of the hotels in Dubai are truly unique. As Mr. Fabulous and I wanted to see something new this year, we drove to Abu Dhabi, about 90 minutes away. Again, we were not disappointed. The hotel St. Regis exceeded all our expectations. The hotel is located at one end of the Corniche, close to the Abu Dhabi Marina and the Abu Dhabi Palace. The St. Regis is spread over various floors of the Nation Towers and connected to a luxurious lobby.

The Hotel

Our spacious room was modern and furnished with selected pieces of  exquisite materials. Next to the huge bed, it had an office- and a seating area from which you could enjoy the breathtaking view. As our room was on the 34th floor, you could see the coast and part of the surrounding buildings. At night in particular, thousand lights sparkled and gave an unobstructed view of the emerging metropolis.

Elegance, seems to be the keyword in St. Regis. The lobby was lined with two elegant stairs, lit by large crystal chandeliers. The first floor was laid out like a gallery from which you could look down into the lobby. The furnishing style reminded me of an English castle, although there were much more marble decorations. Nevertheless, I was almost tempted to describe the St. Regis somewhat reduced than several other Luxushotels in Dubai, which I actually really liked. As a result, the luxurious furnishings were even more prominent and showed their full elegance.


The Beach

I was very surprised by the beach. While in Dubai you can only find an artificial beach, Abu Dhabi is mostly natural. This made the beach way more beautiful to me. Through a tunnel path you can easily reach the pool and the beach. Everything as exclusive as a club beach in St. Tropez. Right next tot he pool you will find a restaurant. In the lounge on the first floor we watched the sunset and relaxed the whole day with a glass of champagne.


Restaurant and Food

In the main restaurant, The Terrace, on the Corniche you find everything of the entire culinary world. The rich buffet offeres everything from traditional Arabic dishes, exotic curry to the steak everything – and this still in legendary quality. I like these types of buffets very much, because Mr Fabulous does not like spicy food and I love it. So everyone comes at his own expense and can try what he feels like.

In addition to the main restaurant is the Italian restaurant Villa Toscana, which has spoiled us with extraordinary pizzas. Various bistros and bars are spread throughout the hotel complex.

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