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Something Special For My Mum

Something special for my Mum

She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings.

My mother and I are very close. Nevertheless Mother’s Day has a special meaning for me. There is another reason for me to tell my mama how much I love her. Even as a child I have made something for this day and I was always very proud to be able to surprise her with something special. She has probably kept all gifts carefully, and can still remember each one as if I had done it only yesterday.

My mother was always there for me. She has dried my tears when I learned how to ride a bicycle and had cut my knee, she memorized all the lakes of Switzerland with me, accompanied me to my first day of school and sewed my first carnival costume. My mother was and is my best friend, my counselor, my conscience if I want too much, my motivational source and my model. She gives me her unconditional love every day and even though I do not always understand all, I know one thing: My mother is doing everything out of love.


Ever since I grew up, Mother ‘s Day is no longer important to my mum. She thinks you should think about each other throughout the year. What I do, of course, because I love to spoil my mom is most of the time I try to give her a nice memory. A day in the countryside, a weekend, a great meal in a nice restaurant. This year I thought about something else and so my mom can look forward to a perfume.


As a child, I always like to look after my mother, even if she has already done so. She liked to take time to make herself beautiful for special occasions. So I enjoy the care so much. She always had a beautiful lilac-eyeshadow, which she liked to wear when she went to the theater with my dad. For as long as I can remember, she always applied a few drops of perfume before she left the house. I can not remember the name of the perfumes, but the fragrances I can.


A few years ago, my mom discovered the perfume Cinéma by Yves Saint Laurent. A fragrance that I find fits perfectly to her. A tribute to beauty, a radiant bouquet of glamour and femininity. Corsican Clementine, majestic Amaryllis and seductive Arabian Jasmine combine to create a unique discreet fragrance. A touch of amber gives Cinéma a warm aroma. A flowery, sensual harmony. Inspired by the celebrated sculptor Lina Vautrin, the bottle glistens like golden rain. As if the surface of the bottle was filled with thousands of small mirrors, the valuable content reflected in the precisely machined flacon.

Especially for mother’s day does present a large selection of fragrances and beauty gifts. The assortment impresses me again and again, I think think there is no fragrance which they didn’ t have. I am sure that at you will find the perfect beauty gift for your mum.

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