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Ready For Red

Ready for Red

Rumor has it that Coco Chanel wore red lipstick to make her teeth appear more white, which were colored yellow from smoking. It doesn`t matter whether invented or not. Fact is that red lips have always been a symbol of femininity and sensuality. No other lipstick color signals strength and seduction at the same time. To me, red lips are the ultimate beauty accessory. Even at the worst of days, with red lipstick, I feel glamorous. That’s why I cannot get enough of it and already have a large collection.

She has a way with words, red Lipsticks and make an entrance. -Kate Spade

Without question, one of my favorite reds is from Chanel. No other label has so many different nuances in its collection, because red is not red. The grades range from a fresh coral red to a dark rouge black. Regardless of which brand you choose, you should take the time to find the right color:

  • If you tend to have yellow teeth, you should use a blush red
  • Matt red is also suitable during the day. The matting texture takes the red’s strength and thus the color looks less harsh
  • The darker the red, the narrower the lips
  • Red lips steer off, for example, from puffy eyes or irritated skin

Nothing goes without red Chanel lip sticks. Here my absolute favorite tones:

The Chanel Rouge Coco, 444-Gabrielle is slightly bluish, so it looks very fresh.

The Chanel Rouge Allure, 104-Passion is the red lipstick. Vibrant color, long-lasting, with a velvety texture that does not dry out.


Tom Ford Lip Color, Cherry Lush: One of my favorite lipsticks. Beautiful classic red, long-lasting without drying, slightly matte velvety finish

Burberry Full Kisses, Military Red: Although the pencil is not suitable for impatient people like me, because when open it you risk of breaking the pen. But I love this lipstick anyway. The color is a clear red and the texture is very long-lasting with a velvety finish

Although the Diorific Matte Fluide Lip & Cheek, Luxury #004 is suitable for lips and cheeks, I use in exclusively as a lipstick. Depending on how strong the paint is applied, it becomes more matte and more intense. Nevertheless the lips are perfectly hydrated by the light gel-like texture.


The Color 999 is legendary. Recently, it is also available as a Rouge Dior, 999 mat. The silky matt finish makes the lipstick even more elegant than in the previous version. Small detail: The lid is red on the inside!


Esteé Lauder Envy Hi-Lustre, Drop Dead Red: A gentle lipstick with beautiful shine, does not dry your lips and looks fresh even after hours

Esteé Lauder Pure Color Envy makes the lips appear fuller. The innovative moisture complex provides the lips with hours of abundant moisture

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