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Places: Hotel De Crillon – Inside Paris’s Most Outstanding Hotel

Places: Hotel de Crillon – Inside Paris’s most outstanding Hotel

The Hotel de Crillon is one of the best hotels in Paris. Located between Rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré and Place de la Concorde, the building was a testament to French history. Originally built as an embassy residence in 1757, it first served as a private palace for the king. In 1788 it was sold to François-Félix-Dorothée Berton of the Balbe, Duke of Crillon. The town castle remained in the possession of the Crillon family for years, until it was confiscated during the French Revolution and later returned.

Multitalented chefs, a mix of newly imagined and historical settings, and an inspired array of culinary experiences define the dynamic dining scene at Hôtel de Crillon.


In 1907, the hotel was run under the name of Hôtel des Voyageurs. Including two adjoining buildings, it has been converted as one of the most luxurious and exclusive hotels in the world. In the Second World War the Hôtel de Crillon served as the headquarters for the German troops in France.

Since the hotel belonged to the Taittinger family, it has been owned by the Starwood Capital Group since 2005. Countless prominent figures have stayed there, such as Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert C. Hoover and Richard Nixon, Emperor Hirohito, King George V, Charlie Chaplin and Leonard Bernstein after whom a suite was named.


After four years of renovation, the Hotel de Crillon reopened on 5 July 2017. The newly designed spa offers guests a lighted pool, flanked by a ceramic relief by the American artist Peter Lane. The spa offers an incomparable view of Place de la Concorde and on the first floor are the most famous rooms of the hotel. The Salon Marie-Antoinette, the Salon of the Aigles named after the four eagle cartoons, and the salon of the Batailles. Karl Lagerfeld, who was responsible for the renovation of the suites, made the opulence of the 18th century come alive in the rooms. The master, who has furnished his own home with pieces of furniture of this era, created two exquisitely designed suites on the 4th floor, with theatrical canopies and carved wall decorations. Another room designed by Lagerfeld is dedicated to his cat Choupette.


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