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Mon Paris, Mon Amour

Mon Paris, mon amour

Paris, city of love. Sensual, impulsive, fascinating. An unexpected adventure that turns conventions upside down. An exciting love story and unleashed passion. Mon Paris, the new perfume for women of Yves Saint Laurent, reveals itself to the world.

A couple in love, strolling  the streets of Paris after a stormy night. Glittering asphalt, lights of a city, the day slowly awakening. Deep gazes and passionate kisses. A metropolis with a unique flair. Maybe it already happened to you? Memories that one would always carry with them. Hours of happiness. Mon Paris captures the sensuality of this love story. Sensual musk combined with a hypnotic Datura chord and a noble patchouli essence. A fragrance fruity and fresh, with strawberries and raspberries and a traditional Chypre structure. A tribute to the modern and unique Yves Saint Laurent woman.


Yves Saint Laurent’s new scent has fascinated me. Surprising Fruity, feminine and incredibly sensual. A beautiful bottle, facet cut, in a delicate rose, decorated with a Lavallière knot of leather and silk. Can you capture the love of a city in a perfume? Yes, you can. Mon Paris combines all the rich details that make a captivating love story in this thrilling city. A passionate adventure, inspired by youthfulness and timeless elegance.


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