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Mon Guerlain: A New Day Awakens

Mon Guerlain: A new day awakens

“I am always filled with an imperious thirst for distant lands, the desire to go ever farther, in search of new scents,” says Thierry Wasser, Guerlain’s Master Perfumer.

A lukewarm morning in Provence. There is still silence in the house, for all the others are still asleep. The wind blows gently through the curtains. The first rays of sunlight flash through the windows and let hundreds of small crystals reflect on the wall. A few more minutes for me. The fresh scent of lavender rises gently and the day begins slowly…


This is the scenario for the new perfume of Maison Guerlain. Like a late summer morning, gentle, calm and fresh. With Mon Guerlain, the traditional perfume house has presented an elegant scent that is already a classic. The main ingredient is lavender. A perfume, on the other hand, is sensual and a little rustic, but at the same time elegant, feminine and traditional. Lavender was once used as a perfume for large creations and has since fallen into oblivion. There is hardly any other floral plant that can be combined in so many different ways.


Angelina Jolie And Mon Guerlain

At first sight the connection between the perfume house Guerlain and the unconventional Angelina Jolie is not necessarily obvious. However, both connect a longtime friendship. It all started with Angelina Jolie’s mother. The French woman had a great taste for a powder of Guerlain, which smelled of lavender. When years later Thierry Wasser, chief perfumer of Guerlain and Angelina Jolie met in Vietnam, their partnership began.


The traditional house Guerlain is a perfume of passion. Guerlain is particularly proud of the quality of his fragrances and therefore they know all the details of their raw materials. The perfumers personally know the men and women who provide them with the best products. These connections give a network of human references around the world. Behind our sandalwood in Australia, our Carla lavender, at an altitude of 1,300 meters in the Provençal Drôme region, our Sambac jasmine from South India and our Tahitensis vanilla, there are wonderful people who grow the products and thrive.

Mon Guerlain is available as an eau de parfum and gift set from Created in friendly cooperation with


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