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Le Roi Est Mort: Exhibition In Versailles And Macarons By Ladurée

Le roi est mort: Exhibition in Versailles and Macarons by Ladurée

“The death of the king, both as a man and an institution, was a key moment in the construction of the public perception of the monarchy, combining religion (the death of a Christian) and politics (the death and resurrection of the king, who never dies). From his final death throes to the burial it resembled a performance, a great Baroque show of huge significance to courtly society, which was affected more than ever by it.“


At the new exhibition Le roi est mort in Versailles, has Ladurée present a new box with the royal emblem. The black box with a big golden king sign is actually very unusual for pastel shades of Ladurée. With closer view, the theme fits very well. The traditional French patisserie house and the Royal Palace of Versailles maintain a long-standing friendship. So you will find a Ladurée Shop and Café  in Versaille.

The military superiority, extravagant festivities and his taste for fine arts gave him the nickname Sunking (1638-1715) while his lifetime. He survived his son and grandson, when Louis XVI died on September 1, 1715. His body was embalmed by the personal doctor Pierre Dionis and later buried in the Crypt of Bourbons at the Cathedral of Saint-Denis. In the looting of royal tombs during the French Revolution in 1793 was his body profaned and thrown into a pit. The bones of King XVI were later transferred to the Cathedral of Saint-Denis, where they rest today.

The exhibition Le Rois est mort at the Palace in Versailles is dedicated to the death of King Louis XVI and the subsequent ceremony. It illuminates the embalming and the former death cult”, as well the fact that with the King the souvereign and head of the church in one person has died.


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