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It’s Springtime!

It’s Springtime!


I am not a friend of the cold season at all, and can hardly wait until the temperatures finally rise. Since today it is finally officially Spring. Although I believe that we are to be surprised again in the morning with a white blanket of snow, I am already pretty much set for Spring. I always get at least a hundred things that I want or would like to do. Here are a few of my ideas:

Watch a romantic movie

It does not have to be equal to Titanic, but there are some romantic films that fit perfectly into the spring season. One of the films I would like to watch is Me Before You. Although I had not even noticed it at first, I can not wait for the movie on YouTube and to snuggle up on the sofa with Mr Fabulous and enjoy a cheesy movie night.

Pick my wardrobe

Oh dear, one of the things I really do not like very much! However, I am always very happy when I see my closet so tidy and my clothes I can simply take out again (without squashing!) I’ve procrastinated on this a bit, because I wanted to be a bit safer with my style. But now it has become really bad and continues upwards on my to-do list.

Have a picnic in the outdoors

Buying a picnic basket was probably the best investment that Mr Fabulous and I made last year. Since then we have often had a picnic in the outdoors. Just to take a break, enjoy nature and do something together. Since Mr. Fabulous and I work very hard every day and often have little time for us, such small Oases are incredibly valuable.


New pillows for the apartment

As soon as spring sends his first messengers, the desire for something new rises within me. Since I am still a little reluctant about changing my apartment, I would like to buy new pillows for my sofa. I’m going to give my light furniture a fresh coat of paint, and for my Chesterfield sofa l will buy pillows in light pink. I can not wait until I get a touch of Spring with these new accents.

Celebrate Easter

I am a big fan of Easter. It is always a Spring festival for me and I love to decorate the whole apartment with bunnies and flowers. I especially like to make an Easter tree. This is for me like Christmas tree decorating, because some of the colorful Easter eggs I have are from my grandmother.

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