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Grit And Glamour: Unknown Sides Of Elizabeth Taylor

Grit and Glamour: Unknown sides of Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor’s son Christopher Wilding said: “It was very special for me to look through these photos from the life of my mother. I remember how fascinating it was to grow up with her. Sometimes the atmosphere around her was magical, almost like in a circus. But my mother had never exploited her fame. She lived by their principles and has always remained the truth. She had a strong sense of justice and sympathized with the handicapped. For their concern she joined energetic.”


Elizabeth Taylor is one of the most beautiful women of the last century. She was an exceptional actress, businesswoman, style icon and most photographed woman of her time. But Elizabeth Taylor was one thing in particular: a strong woman who knew to prevail. Their use for the weaker elements in society and her beauty made her a legend.

The Getty Images Gallery dedicate her a touring exhibition Grit and Glamour, which starts in Berlin now. Shown are some previously unpublished pictures, which shows her in private.

The exhibition includes portraits, as well as backstage footage of Hollywood stars. The images are still to April 3, 2016 shown in the Deutschen Kinemathek at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin.

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