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Globus Grand Hotel: Celebrating Elegance

Globus Grand Hotel: Celebrating Elegance

It is once again that time. Globus presents its Christmas theme world. With Grand Hotel, the traditional Zurich department store takes us to the glamorous world of the Grandezza.  With this theme, Globus hopefully not only meets my taste, because here you can indulge yourself. I am a big fan of historic hotels. Not only because of the exuberant luxury, but rather because of the touch of history that pulls through the aisles – or rather, because of the atmosphere. The door boy greets the guests before entering, the concierge is always friendly and helpful and always ready with an insider tip, the golden fittings of the stairs are polished to a high gloss finish and the lobby is crowned by a giant, sparkling chandelier. A grand hotel offers a special atmosphere especially at Christmas time.


The elegant festivity has been made a Christmas theme by Globus. People meet in a luxurious environment and celebrate the pleasure. A solemnly decorated table, etagere filled with delicate patisserie and small sandwiches, beautiful pots serve exquisite tea. Christmas is the time of celebrating, joy and togetherness.

The theme world of Globus offers inspiration for everyone. The unique assortment of exclusive Christmas decorations, everything from classic Christmas balls to hangers in the form of exotic fabulous creatures. They make the Christmas tree appear as a unique staging. So every home becomes a Christmas parade with the elegant atmosphere of a grand hotel.

The theme world  of Grand Hotel from Globus will be on display in all branches from 26 October and at


courtesy of GLOBUS

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