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Christmas Mood In Zurich

Christmas mood in Zurich

Are you in Christmas mood? Me, yes! The Christmas lights are definetly arrived in Zurich. The city enlighted in festive splendor. Glitter and glam are everywhere. Even on the expensive Bahnhofstrasse or in the small streets around. Who would not come in a festive mood by this sight?

One of my fixed rituals during Christmas time is to make a journey through the city and to look at the lights. Look, marvel and enjoy! In addition to the big Christmas market at the Bellevue, now the Bahnhofstrasse shines again with the lighting Lucy” in all its glory (a few years ago hung in place of the Christmas lights still this neon art work, which everyone found pretty awful!). The Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree offers a marvelous sight. I am always happy to see this sparkle. The tree is decorated lavishly with hundreds ornaments and outshining the big station concourse with the surrounding Christmas market.

Zurich offers this time a really festive beautiful sight. I have collect for you a few impressions from my last Sightseeing. Let yourself abduct into the beautiful world of decorated Zurich.

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