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My New Mise En Dior Tribale Earrings

My new Mise en Dior Tribale Earrings

Somewhere in Dubai I've lost them, my beloved Mise en Dior earrings. Although I own several ones (see my previous article), but precisely those with the classic pearl where my favorites. So I was more than disappointed when could not find…

God Save The Queen And Rimmel

God save the Queen and Rimmel

There are these days, as I crawl out of my bed, sneak completely crumpled to the mailbox and then - obtain me such a great feeling of satisfaction. This happens always I get one of these great boxes of This time my inner satisfaction starts on a high flight when I open the box.
Ready-For-Takeoff With Chanel Airline

Ready-For-Takeoff with Chanel Airline

Welcome on board of #Chanelairline! Please arrive at gate No. 5 and start with the check-in. Not worry, even if everything at the spring collection 2016 turns around travelling, Fashion Guru Karl Lagerfeld does not transforming into a Pilot over night. Rather…

Saint Laurent Y Clutch

Saint Laurent Y Clutch

Since longtime I walked around the Y Clutch by Saint Laurent. This even I actually buy less Clutches. On one hand, because I have always too little space for my belongings in a clutch. On the other hand fit my Bottega Veneta to all and are (were so far) my favourite night-out bag.
Mise En Dior Tribale Earrings

Mise en Dior Tribale Earrings

Since I saw the Mise en Dior Tribale earrings for the first time, I just thought to myself: "I love it!". There are just a few fashion highlights where you should not pass. The are already a classic. No wonder, that I'm in love from the first Moment.
The Mini Mac By Rebecca Minkoff

The Mini Mac by Rebecca Minkoff

A few days ago, I was Shopping and bought me the Mini Mac Bag by Rebecca Minkoff, which I have on my radar since long time. First time, I saw the bag was at and I completely fell in love with it.
Pippa Middleton Is Now Designer

Pippa Middleton is now Designer

Founded by acclaimed designer and entrepreneur Tabitha Somerset Webb, Tabitha Webb is a luxury British brand which was launched in June 2013. The brand offers timeless, feminine designs created with signature fabrics and prints, making English elegance accessible. Tabitha Webb…

Jo Malone And The London Girl

Jo Malone and the London Girl

Some time ago, Jo Malone has announced that it has found the first testimonial for her products. No one less than Poppy Delevingne is the chosen one. The sister of Lagerfeld muse Cara Delevingne, is model, designer and Londons It-Girl and from the best home. The joy of an impending ball, a beautiful dress and beautiful flowers are part of the film. A Midsummer Night's Dream by Jo Malone.
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