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Mon Guerlain: A New Day Awakens

Mon Guerlain: A new day awakens

This is the scenario for the new perfume of Maison Guerlain. Like a late summer morning, gentle, calm and fresh. With Mon Guerlain, the traditional perfume house has presented an elegant scent...
Oh Là Là: Esteé Lauder Makes It French

Oh là là: Esteé Lauder makes it French

"It's great to have Violet on board, we look forward to an inspiring working with her," said Stéphane de La Faverie, Global Brand President Estée Lauder. "With her experience as a makeup artist and lifestyle Influencer and her enthusiasm for…

Ready For Red

Ready for Red

Rumor has it that Coco Chanel wore red lipstick to make her teeth appear more white, which were colored yellow from smoking. It doesn`t matter whether invented or not. Fact is that red lips have always been a symbol of…

Bioeffect: Why I’m Using Hightech Skincare

Bioeffect: Why I’m Using Hightech Skincare

"Purity, in BIOEFFECT products, is profoundly important us. We’re proud of the fact that our flagship BIOEFFECT EGF Serum contains only seven ingredients. Only seven because that’s all your skin needs for proven, effective, radiant anti-aging and hydration."

Mon Paris, Mon Amour

Mon Paris, mon amour

Paris, city of love. Sensual, impulsive, fascinating. An unexpected adventure that turns conventions upside down. An exciting love story and unleashed passion. Mon Paris, the new perfume for women of Yves Saint Laurent, reveals itself to the world. A couple…

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