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Everything I do, I do with great passion, including my work as a project manager. It´s not a 9 to 5 job, but I love to bring a project successfully to an end and to motivate everyone involved to their maximum performance. I belong to the people who try to make the best out of every situation. This includes Poem of Style. Although I am not a full-time blogger, I am enthusiastically writing new posts. It is the perfect addition to my everyday analytical routine.

I like fashion ever since I´m a little girl. A well-groomed appearance is very important to me, I´m able to hide some extra kilos with the right combination. To refresh my lipstick between meetings is just as important to me  as getting excited about a new bag. This is not just about fashion. I think that is a feeling of life. The joy of beauty, the joy of life. A well-maintained lifestyle – I would call it Lyrical Luxury. As with a poem, a well-groomed lifestyle is not simply the random combination of words, but rather the sensual fusion of the wearer with her dress or the right choice of a selected wine for a candlelight dinner. It is about consciously choosing the words and bringing them into a lyrical harmony. For example, at the Paris Fashion Week, not only clothes are shown, it can also be art. Making a handbag can take 1,000 hours, but it can be a pleasure for a lifetime. Words form a poem, a piece of cloth becomes an evening robe.


I have founded Poem of Style just over a year ago. The words have merged into a poem and a simple blog became a blogazine. Poem of Style reports about high fashion, beauty and an exclusive lifestyle. The poetry of the words and the aesthetics of the article are just as important to me as the story behind it. Two passionate authors support me for the varied content. We all love the style and lyrical joy of luxury.





I’m Alexandra from Austria and my passion is fashion and with fashion related crafts. After completion of the fashion school, I worked in the fashion industry until  my two kids were born. Because my daughter is severely disabled, I was no longer able to work in that industry, but the love for it has remained. I am now working as a craftswoman in the elaborate bead work, here I can live out my creativity and can work as much as time allows me.

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Around four years ago, I moved from Cologne to beautiful Switzerland and have been living and working in the heart of Zurich. In addition to climbing and yoga, my favorite hobbies, I am deeply interested in interior decoration and traveling. It is by traveling that I get to experience different cultures and lifestyles which inspire my decorating.

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I am Charlotte, from Manchester, UK. I followed my Husband to Zurich (for work) 3 years ago and am currently a SAHM to my two wonderful children. In my spare time I like to read and listen to music. I’m an avid fan of musicals! I’m a huge beauty, skincare and fashion lover too.

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