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Christmas Mood In Zurich

Christmas mood in Zurich

Are you in Christmas mood? Me, yes! The Christmas lights are definetly arrived in Zurich. The city enlighted in festive splendor. Glitter and glam are everywhere. Even on the expensive Bahnhofstrasse or in the small streets around. Who would not come in…

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Dinner At Restaurant Al Mahara, Burj Al Arab Dubai

Dinner at Restaurant Al Mahara, Burj al Arab Dubai

A highlight of our vacation trip was the restaurant Al Mahara, much described underwater restaurant in the 7-star luxury hotel Burj Al Arab. The specialty of this restaurant is not only the exquisite cuisine, but also the huge saltwater aquarium that is placed in the middle of the room. Or in other words, the tables are placed around the aquarium so that you can consider undisturbed the beautiful underwater world while eating.
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